Services / Enterprise

We've built SaaS solutions on both the macro and the micro scale. We specialize in scalable cloud-based software systems that feature intelligently designed API's. Though we are experts in a wide array of Internet technologies, we specialize in leveraging open source tools for our clients' enterprise-specific needs.

Teamwork and collaboration are key to our internal development process, as well as to how we interact with clients. Our goal is not to sell you what we have ready-made, but to help you figure out exactly what your organization needs, and how we can best help you get there. Best of all, your enterprise project gets a dedicated team that can be scaled up as needed as you deploy and expand.

With our multifaceted team, we can be your right-hand-team, or your right brain. Our certified Scrum Masters, architects, and developers have worked with a variety of agile methodologies, and our design team is great at reworking complicated existing internal data systems so they make sense to new users.

Enterprise Java

With unparalleled scalability and utility, this server-side Internet language is Praxis-Soft’s go-to technology for our largest projects – those that must be able to handle millions of concurrent users across an array of servers and databases in an enterprise environment. The large number of useful frameworks and libraries created for Java, plus a thriving developer community, keep it flexible and up-to-date.

More Technologies

Our technical expertise includes Java, Scala, git, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cloud computing, strategy, and systems architecture. We’re also fluent with automated build tools (e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity), Selenium, GWT, NOSQL/MongoDB, and almost any other tool you use.