Services / Mobile

Mobile devices like the iPhone, the iPad, or the Android-powered smartphone in your pocket, represent the next step in the evolution of the personal computer. People today compute on the go, and they expect technology solutions that can keep up with their "on the go" lifestyle. Simply put: Mobile isn't optional any more.

Our team understands the mobile landscape. We've been building apps since the emergence of the smartphone - and we stay on top of emerging trends in devices and user experience. We meld our top-notch design talent and world-class development expertise to produce award-winning mobile solutions.

Mobile Strategy

You know you need to meet the needs of your "on the go" audience, but you're not sure how; we can help you figure that out. From which devices and platforms your audience uses most, to integrated online and mobile development, we’ll help steer you through the overwhelming possibilities to the ones that meet your business goals, and develop the solutions to get you there.

Praxis-Soft is unique: we have experience working with nearly every mobile platform you’ve heard of, and many that you haven’t. We can design and build your iOS app, and then (if it makes sense for your audience) reimagine it for Android. Our experience, and in-house expertise, means you don't need to work with multiple partners to meet the needs of your "on the go" audience.

iOS Development

Our deep understanding of Apple's technology, extensive experience with industry best practices, and flair for elegant design set us apart from less experienced mobile teams. Apple users expect pixel-perfect user interfaces and the iOS feel, and our ability to develop in native iOS coding languages guarantees you will impress this audience.

Android Development

The Android operating system is extremely flexible, and with tremendous growth in both mobile and tablet markets, it might be the platform the majority of your audience is on. Our developers have been developing in Java - the foundation of Android - since before there were smartphones. Whether you need help migrating an iOS app to Android, or need to build from the ground up, our team can create apps flexible and adaptive enough to work across all the various versions and devices of the Android world.

Mobile Web

These days, your website visitors are coming to your site from their mobile phones and tablets, as well as standard desktop monitors. How does your site look on a phone? Does it even work? Praxis-Soft’s team of mobile web developers help you make the best impression and achieve your website goals by building websites that respond to the users’ environment.

Building websites that work well on mobile phones isn't optional any more. It's likely a large percentage of the visitors to your website are viewing it on mobile browsers. Make sure you're putting you best foot forward for your "on the go" audience with a website that makes a big impact on a small screen.